Free crochet patterns

Bunny girl with a dress
Bunny with dress
Crochet dress for Bunny Girl

First of all, when you crochet bunny’s body you need to change the colors in that place where the dress will end and the body will start. I work in rounds because I think that crochet looks nicer. I attach the dress after the bunny is done. The first line depends on your bunny or the animal you want to add dress.

Crochet bird and owl free pattern
Crochet birds
Crochet birds free pattern

Crochet birds are occupying my space :) I wanted to make cute birds and owls and share my free birds pattern with you. This is very simple pattern but I my opinion birds are very cute. Continue reading for the pattern and you find out how to make these crochet birds and owls.

Parrot BLU

This is my gift to all movie RIO fans. Best wishes to all of you ;)
Finally I wrote down free pattern of this parrot BLU and now you all can crochet yourself cute BLU from RIO.

Have you seen the second movie? I did :) Wonderful colors and great story. If you haven't seen it go and see this movie.

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