Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Crochet cat with a bow

Crochet cat with a bow
Crochet cat with a bow
Finally I tried new pattern that I have found almost 1 year ago. Strange thing that I like cats but I don't like crocheting them. This kitten is really cute. I changed feet and added hands.

Crochet cat with a bow
Crochet cat with friends

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Parrot BLU from RIO free pattern!

Parrot BLU from movie Rio free pattern
Parrot BLU
This is my gift to all movie RIO fans. Best wishes to all of you ;)
Finally I wrote down free pattern of this parrot BLU and now you all can crochet yourself cute BLU from RIO.

Have you seen the second movie? I did :) Wonderful colors and great story. If you haven't seen it go and see this movie.

Still I'm not happy with the beak. To tell you the truth the beak was main reason I put off pattern post. I cannot create the beak I like but people kept asking for the pattern so I had to post it. I decided to create temporary beak. If I create new beak I will let you know :)

I used Egypto Cotton by Schachenmayr original yarn.

Until then click more to find FREE pattern and make your BLU!