Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Crochet Squirrel Red

Crochet squirrel on a tree
Crochet squirrel

Dear Friends, Family,

We are gathered today to present you crochet animal... The Red Squirrel!
He is orange, he is soft, he is cuddly.
Red likes nuts, running in the forest and hiding pine cones in hollow.

Crochet squirrel with flowers
Crochet squirrel

I have this pattern and I need it to make it perfect. So later I will post it for you to crochet this beautiful squirrel. I think I want a bigger squirrel and more colors in body, legs and arms. Usually I use cotton when I crochet, but this time I had no orange cotton and used acrylic yarn. After this toy I realized that cotton is better for me. I still do not have orange cotton, so I will post pattern as soon as I will have cotton and correct pattern.

But nevertheless he is one of my favorites.

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