Saturday, 23 March 2013

Crochet blue bear

Crochet blue bear with apples
Crochet blue bear
Here is crochet blue bear but this is different than the first one crochet bears. He likes apples and pineapples very much and takes everyone I bring home :) So basically I don’t eat apples and pineapples.

crocheted this bear with T-Shirt. In original pattern it was without it, but I liked to have bear with cloths so I made it. And also the legs were different, but for this bear original legs were too small. I crocheted bigger ones, but I guess they should be more bigger to fit the body.

Crochet blue bear with pineapple
Crochet blue bear
I used acrylic yarn and as I said before I prefer cotton. When I crochet acrylic yarn I make it very soft and then I can fill with fill a lot of fiberfill and toys become very big. I think this is the reason why legs became so small for the bear. I guess situation would be different  with cotton. Of course cotton that I use is not so soft as acrylic, but sometimes is better to use cotton when I do not want to use synthetics in my toys.
This bear have embroidered eyes. These eyes  suits for little kids, because they don’t have hard parts. I use this method when I don’t have safety eyes and want to crochet toy for little kid. 

Inspired by: Little Yarn Friends.

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